One City Rising

We are stronger when we stand together

One City Rising is...

an independent grassroots group, rooted in compassion, and formed to address some of New York’s most vexing problems.

We Seek to...

build tools that educate voters, stand up against policies that divide communities, and help create much needed political change through common- sense government reforms.

Our Goal is...

to bring people together to lift the tide for ALL New Yorkers. We want every neighborhood to be safe, thriving, and prosperous, with abundant housing, jobs and successful small businesses.

One City Issues

Bringing back New York to a growing and thriving metropolis requires that we put community and neighborhoods first.

We must have safe and clean streets, strong support for public safety, school options so every child receives a quality education, laws that enhance vibrancy and quality of life, and programs that help our most vulnerable.

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One City Actions

We want common sense policies to address homelessness and mental illness, and demand greater accountability to assure that our shelters are safe and helping our most vulnerable.

We oppose placing temporary shelters without screening and curfews in residential areas as a substitute for proper treatment facilities.

The buildings on West 83rd Street located directly across from a playground should be converted for use as affordable housing for families.

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