We support policies that bring neighborhoods together to lift the tide for ALL New Yorkers. We want every NYC neighborhood to be safe, thriving, and prosperous, with abundant housing, jobs and successful small businesses. We will stand up against policies that divide communities or pit neighborhoods and communities against each other.

We are stronger when we stand together.

Our Mission

One City Rising is a non-partisan independent grassroots group formed to address some of New York’s most vexing problems by supporting solutions rooted in the common ground.

Extremist positions on both the right and the left are dividing our country and our city. The best way to bridge this divide is by meeting in the middle.

Our guiding principle is rooted in having the highest moral and ethical standards. Our deep compassion for all our neighbors and their challenges leads us to seek solutions that support the common good.

We seek to hold our leaders to these high standards and to support those leaders who act in the public interest without pandering to extremists to win elections. We support good governance, accountability and oversight. We speak out and act against corruption, self-dealing and self- interest in our political class.

We hope that our work will instill in everyone who stands with us a sense of real hope, joy and optimism for our future. By building our grassroots coalition on the centrist common ground, we believe everyone will have the chance to succeed and thrive.


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