Operations Directors

Maria Danzilo
Executive Director

Maria Danzilo is a lawyer and lifelong New Yorker who raised three children on the Upper West Side. She is a moderate Democrat recognized for her common sense approach to problem solving. Maria founded One City Rising because she is deeply committed to New York City and passionate about restoring the City for future generations.

Jason Curtis Anderson
Programs and Policy

Jason Curtis Anderson is a NYC based writer and political consultant focused on the crossroads of government and media. He has managed marketing campaigns for NY State lobbying firms, politicians, and fortune 500 companies. Jason has a keen ability to distill complex issues into forms readily understood by the middle class.

Andrea Harris

Andrea has spent her career in a variety of financial roles, including work in the audit process and on implementing best practices and compliance. After moving to the Upper West Side in 2019, she became an active advocate for local concerns. She is a strong supporter of common sense politics and was the Treasurer for Maria Danzilo’s campaign for NY State Senate in 2022.

Lucas Liu
Education & Political Engagement

Lucas started as a volunteer running night school tutoring and SAT prep programs for low-income students for the Asian Professional Extension (APEX). Lucas was also President of Community Education Council 3, where he established Russian and Italian dual-language programs. He also co-founded Parent Leaders for Accelerated Curriculum and Education (PLACE NYC). Lucas advocates for quality education for all students.

Ted Oehmke

Ted realized he was a New Yorker after living 10 years in the same apartment of the Kip’s Bay neighborhood he now considers home. He is a former journalist and restaurant manager who currently works in web development. Having experienced first hand the negative consequences of poor local government, Ted supports a turn towards competence in local politics.

Melanie Wesslock

Melanie Weslock is a New Yorker, photographer and a mom. She is a strong advocate of finding practical solutions to the everyday challenges of raising a family and living in NYC. Melanie is planted squarely in the common sense middle.

Executive Advisory Board

Jason Curtis Anderson
Wendy Blank
Lattina Brown
Reza Chowdhury
Yiatin Chu
Maria Danzilo
Charles Davis
Shannon Edwards
Keri Flaherty
Donna Grace
Andrea Harris
David Kelsey
Susan Lee
Lucas Liu
Ted Oehmke
Nicole Palame
Beth Schwartz
Danyela Souza-Egorov
Rich Taverna
Vanessa Warren
Lisanne Weinberg
Melanie Wesslock
Max Wesslock

One City Rising is a nonpartisan group of New Yorkers with a wide range of viewpoints and affiliations. Even if we don’t agree on everything, we are bound by our commitment to pushing for sensible and reasonable policy in NYC. We are not an echo chamber. We do not cancel each other when we disagree.

We actively sought out people with a range of opinions and experience to join our advisory board because we believe that viewpoint diversity is essential to growing, learning and building community. Only by working together in this way can we foster solutions firmly rooted in common sense. 

Some of our advisory board members and directors are active in the public sphere, in the press or on social media. We are bipartisan intentionally, and therefore individual  comments or positions taken by our members cannot be attributable to our organization or reflective of the positions or opinions of OCR. Moreover the endorsement of any particular candidate for public office by any individual advisory board member or director should not be construed as an endorsement by OCR or other members.


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