Public Safety

New Yorkers can see with their own eyes how New York has deteriorated. City Council members and state legislators are not taking the steps necessary to stop the downward spiral unfolding across New York City neighborhoods, businesses and public transportation. Instead, we are told crime is not real, and our concerns are fear mongering. This is the kind of divisive, unhelpful approach that is getting in the way of progress.

One City Rising’s goal is to find common ground to address public safety, so that the policies that are adopted are respectful of all concerns. We understand the need to address root causes of crime, through a combined approach of policy actions around homelessness, and adding mental health facilities and addiction recovery centers. At the same time we respect the experiences of the crime victims themselves, who need care and deserve justice.

We support incremental changes to the State’s discovery and bail rules and other laws that have hamstringed the ability of government services to keep people safe.

We believe it is the responsibility of District Attorneys to prosecute criminals and protect the public. We stand against policies that put the public at risk, normalizing criminal activity and encouraging low level crimes such as shoplifting, through non- enforcement.

For example, we do not believe the City should use tax dollars to provide free crack pipe vending machines. The push for fairness in the application of justice must be balanced with the need for public safety. 

OCR will speak out against all forms of hate crimes.

We need to end the divisiveness and stand together so that everyone is safe.


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