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Village Sun: Time to get a handle on Ebikes

Maria Danzilo in The Village Sun: the lack of Ebike regulation poses challenges for pedestrian safety and urban planning. She urges policymakers to find solutions that benefit both commuters and pedestrians. As we navigate the bustling streets of the city, it’s essential to strike a balance between promoting alternative transportation options and ensuring public safety.

OCR in NYPost: Congestion pricing is regressive

Congestion pricing will penalize working and middle class New Yorkers,  including those who live in the congestion pricing zone, whether or not they have a car. OCR will fight this regressive tax until it is repealed.

PoliticsNY publishes OCR Op-Ed

One City Rising is getting the message out on migrants in PoliticsNY. Local leaders need to come together to demand federal help with paying for migrant services. The details of nonprofit service provider contracts should be made public.
Errol Louis hosts OCR's Maria Danzilo on NY1.

Errol Louis Hosts OCR’s Maria Danzilo on NY1

One City Rising's Maria Danzilo appeared on "Inside City Hall" with Errol Louis to talk about the politics of the migrant situation in New York City and to go over the details of OCR's recent report on the crisis. The pair had a lively discussion on the need for city politicians to work together locally and to push the federal government to step up.

NYC Migrant Crisis Sparks Outrage

"With thousands of undocumented immigrants arriving in NYC every week, New Yorkers have taken to social media to express outrage with the government’s handling of the crisis...Citizens are in an uproar regarding this issue, and they are using social media as a platform to express their concerns.
The Washington Independent | October, 2023

Crime is not imaginary

Maria Danzilo joined Fox News meteorologist Adam Klotz on 'Fox & Friends First' to push back against irrational claims in the media that “crime is imaginary” in NYC.
Fox & Friends | May, 2023

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