NYC Migrant Crisis Report

By Jason Curtis Anderson

In November of 2023, New York City (NYC) Mayor Eric Adams announced sweeping budget cuts that will affect quality of life for all New York City residents. As public disorder continues and the budget cuts bring the NYPD headcount to below 30,000 for the first time since the 1980s, there is much reason for concern. The budget cuts will also affect school safety, libraries, sanitation, fire departments, and PreK programs that are widely celebrated by parents in an education system that’s widely known for its dysfunction.

One of the main reasons for the budget cuts is that federal aid money received during the pandemic is running out. Migrants sleep on the sidewalk in NYC near the Roosevelt Hotel. 2023The other reason is to free up money for NYC’s ever-growing migrant crisis, which the Adams administration estimates will cost $12 billion dollars over the next two years. While the migrant crisis only makes up a portion of the current budget gap, it harms the city in ways that other parts of the budget gap do not.

One City Rising (OCR) is releasing this report to educate the public, and to foster a much needed overview of the migrant crisis that includes all of its moving parts. With no end in sight, One City Rising believes that the migrant crisis will become the number one issue for voters in the 2024 national election cycle.

We hope the findings in this report help the general public understand the complexities at hand,  including how combining open borders with right to shelter creates a scenario that harms NYC in ways no one could imagine.


 -Jason Curtis Anderson 
Policy Director and Co-Founder 
One City Rising


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