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Education updates Dec 2023

What is harming education lately, why, and what can we do about it? NYC Public Schools continue to face a number of extremely difficult challenges this year.

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One City Rising Stands with Israel Against Hamas

One City Rising is horrified by the Hamas massacre of innocent civilians, the worst murder of Jews since the Holocaust. We mourn the victims of Hamas, including innocent Palestinians who are being used as human shields in Hamas’s cowardly war against the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

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OCR in the Media

Village Sun: Time to get a handle on Ebikes

Maria Danzilo in The Village Sun: the lack of Ebike regulation poses challenges for pedestrian safety and urban planning. She urges policymakers to find solutions that benefit both commuters and pedestrians. As we navigate the bustling streets of the city, it’s essential to strike a balance between promoting alternative transportation options and ensuring public safety.

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PoliticsNY publishes OCR Op-Ed

One City Rising is getting the message out on migrants in PoliticsNY. Local leaders need to come together to demand federal help with paying for migrant services. The details of nonprofit service provider contracts should be made public.

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Advocating for Victims of Violence

In the midst of the pandemic and in response to increasing violence and spiraling murder rates, our candlelight vigil honored and mourned the over 600 people who had been killed by gun and gang violence during the year, most of whom were people of color.

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83rd Street Affordable Housing

We are compassionate New Yorkers who want common sense policies to address homelessness and mental illness. We demand greater accountability from our service providers to assure that our shelters are safe and helping our most vulnerable.

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